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Expiration’s Versions page┬ácontains the information related to updates of the application for Android and iOS.

The versions of Expiration are listed below including notes about the updates.

Expiration Versions

Expiration 1.0: Expiration’s Official Release

Expiration 1.1: Integration of iOS Notifications/Minor Revisions to In-App Features & Text

Expiration 1.2: Notification Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Expiration 2.0: Complete Overhaul in Functionality & Style/Correction of Bugs & Issues (i.e. Login, Notifications, & More)/Enhancements to Scan Functionality & UPC Library

Expiration 2.1 (Android Lite Only): Ad Functionality Fix for Displaying Properly to Users.

Expiration 2.2 (iOS Only): Ad Functionality Fix for Displaying Properly to Users (Lite)/App Icon Revision to Meet New App Store Requirements (Lite)/Resolve Login Issues Due to Recent Database Update.

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